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Project Introduction

CS460: Capstone Experience
Spring 2003
DC Pankratz
Project Definition


Name: John Rousseau
Project Description: Design and implement a web cam driver that assists the EZGO golf cart to navigate its environment.

General Requirements:

  1. The Web Cam Driver (WCD) will consist of image processing techniques that produce quantitative information to help navigate the EZGO.
  2. Develop an API for the WCD that is decoupled from the EZGO operating system.
  3. Develop an application that teaches EZGO to follow an object based on vision.
  4. Teach EZGO to follow a path. The application will use the WCD and possibly interact with other existing EZGO detection/reaction drivers such as GPS, COMPASS, and CURB_FEELERS.

Detailed Requirements:

  1. Use of prior results from your independent study course.
  2. Resource: J. F. Blahnik, M.S.
  3. Resources: L. & O. Blahnik, D.O.G.

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