St. Norbert College CS 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2005
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John Karls
Alternative Mouse Control 1:00pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 11

Have you ever wanted a computer to react based on your movement without touching the mouse or keyboard? Well now it can! Many people in this world are unable to interact with a computer in the traditional ways of a mouse and keyboard. Come see an alternative assistive technology to move a mouse around the screen and interact with applications using a regular web cam.

Kevin Trost
Web Cam Surveillance System 1:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 11

My project is to develop a multi-camera web cam surveillance system. The system must be able to detect areas or blobs of movement within a camera’s view. It should be able to count the number of blobs seen by each camera and be able to track their movement through the frames. Everything should take place in real time or as near to real time as possible.

Damian Wegner
Edge Detection 2:00pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 11

How easy is it to get a robot to follow a sidewalk? Well, it is probably harder than you are thinking! In my project I am exploring edge detection and different methods of finding the center of an object once the edges are defined. Edge detection is only performed on grayscale images, which means that robots cannot use color to their advantage. So, even following an object like a sidewalk, which is so easy for a human, is quite a complex task for a robot.

Matthew Frohliger
Lights, Rhythm, Action ... 2:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 11

I have designed a file format that will coordinate commands with a section of sound. SoundSync, as the editor is called, allows any user to easily sit down and create a show right on their desktop. The user is able to take nearly anything that can be done with a Windows application and synchronize it to music.

Kevin Papreck
Motoring a Web Cam Over the Internet 5:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

My senior project is a client/server application that controls a web cam over the internet. Using robotics and web programming, people from all over the world can view streaming video of my web cam and move the motors up, down, left, and right to look around the room and center on a particular object.

Colleen Koranda
Interactive Advertising Web Site 6:00pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

Quirky Wisconsin Ecards – The wonderfully tacky way to say you care. Send an ecard from the giant hamburger in Seymour, the world’s largest round barn in Marshfield, the talking cow in DeForest, and more. Upload an image of yourself, watch your hand wave, enter your message, and send it to your friends! Learn what happens behind the scenes of an ecard with client-server processing when HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and Flash are integrated.

Sean Coenen
Mobile Robot with Infrared Sensors 6:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

Robotics is a popular field in Computer Science whose limits are endless. In my project, I explored the use of infrared detection and bump sensors to maneuver a robot around a room. Not only can a robot use these detection methods to avoid collisions, it can also be used to follow a wall, or follow an object around a room.

Scott Clark
A Multi-User Game Engine 7:00pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

A MUD, or multi-user domain, is a virtual world where multiple users can interact with one another through simple Telnet software. Creating an on-line multi-player computer game such as this blends a myriad of computer science topics, including network programming, multithreading, advanced data structures, and more. Enter a realm where you are limited only by your imagination!

Karl Riehl
COM Port API 7:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

Have you ever wondered how computers talk to the different devices, such as GPS units, infrared ports, or price scanners? Or do you take for granted that it just works and use them? My project deals with writing a COM Port API so that anyone interested in writing software for any of these devices can do so without having to worry about how to talk to Windows and the port. The API will be usable in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic 6, and Visual Basic .NET.

Brandon Pufall
Alumni Tracking System 8:00pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What will be able to do with a Computer Science major from St. Norbert College”? Well, the new Alumni Tracking System has your answer. The system will gather information from SNC alumni about their experiences after graduation in hopes to give future SNC alumni a better understanding of their opportunities that await them.

Alex Slusarek
Image Scaling 8:30pm, Tuesday, April 26
Cofrin 15

My project deals with answering the two most important questions that arise when dealing with image size manipulation: How long will it take? And how good will it look? I was to develop an algorithm for real-time bitmapped scaling that delivers good quality.