St. Norbert College CS 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2006
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Adam DeNoble
Visual Lane Detection and Analysis 1:00pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 15

Visual lane detection and analysis is an increasingly popular area of computer vision research intended to enable computers to automatically determine the position of a road, traffic lane or other similar thoroughfare, within an image acquired by a vehicle-mounted camera. As is demonstrated in this project, one of the more exciting of the numerous applications of this technology is provision of the primary navigational mechanism for autonomous robotic vehicles.

Martina Weber
Cracking the Code 1:40pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 15

How do governments keep top-secret communications secure? How can they break into other governments' secret messages? Welcome to cryptanalysis, a discipline that combines Computer Science and Mathematics. If either of these disciplines interest you (or just finding out other people's secrets), then Cracking the Code is the introduction into the field you need! The presentation outlines basic cryptography principles (no background knowledge needed), then describes process of encoding a text using an XOR encryption scheme and decoding the resulting message using various algorithms -- without knowledge of the encryption key used, thereby "cracking the code".

Bennett Giesler
Collum Radvillas
John Hinner
Faculty Nomination and Voting System 2:20pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 15

The primary goal of our team project was to upgrade the existing St. Norbert College faculty nomination and nomination system. To accomplish this goal we needed to make the user interface more friendly for the user and easier to manage for the administrator. The focus involved a major emphasis on analysis and design. Newly added features include email support, encryption, a completely revamped interface, password recovery, and enhanced administration functions.

Joshua Domina
Vision for the Railroad 6:00pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 11

This project will use a web cam to follow a train on the Computer Controlled Railroad and report its position. It does this through the use of a logical data structure to store the track and locates trains through motion detection. Train information is given in visual and analytical formats.

Peter Sola
Robo Remotes 6:40pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 11

Ever go buy yourself a shiny new Robosapien from Best Buy and get frustrated with the controller? How would you like to control this robot from your computer with easy to learn live mode and a one time special, the Robosapienís very own programming language?

David Dahlquist
Quizzes by Clickers 7:20pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 11

My senior project involves the creation of a feedback system that uses infrared remotes that send to an infrared receiver connected to a computer. My project involves essentially three separate parts; the interface between the infrared receiver and the computerís comm port, the software engine that drives the communication between the comm port and the actual application, and the actual application part that provides student feedback to teachers. My system deals with infrared collision detection/recovery as well as communication of devices through the communications/usb port.

Michael Konicki
CMU Cam Vision 8:20pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 11

My project is to research and develop applications for the Carnegie Melon University Cam and the 4W4T prototype robot from Airens Corp. I wrote several applications for both the CMUCam and 4W4T robot including follow me, joystick control, and modified actions for the 4W4T robotís Stamp processor. The final part of my project was to write an SDK for the CMUCam which could be ported across the MS Studio platform.

Jonathan Barber
Auto Focus 9:00pm, Tuesday, April 25
Cofrin 11

Have you ever wished that your web cam could remain focused on you even as you walked around the room? Have you considered the advantage of security cameras that would automatically track a criminal's progress through your house, even if you were miles away? Today, 'Auto Focus' is making those dreams a reality! Come see how the application of robotics to standard image capture allows simple servo motors to keep track of any object in motion.