CMU Cam - CS 460 Senior Capstone



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Project Description

List of materials which I started with can be found here

- Investigate the features of the CMUcam, and provide documentation
- Control the 4D4T* robot using a joystick
- Develop a solution that allows the camera to drive itself or be controlled by a joystick, computer mode will be following an object
- Investigate a solution where the CMUcam directly controls a servo
- Allow users to send commands to the 4D4T* robot via the web
- Experiment with the best position for low level steering and motor drivers (pc or stamp module)
- Develop and easy to use SDK that easy to use and portable within MS studio
- And the CMUcam and robot have to be wire free. This will involve the use of a bluetooth solution

* 4D4T - stands for the 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel turning robot developed by Airens