Website Information

The design, implementation and graphics used in the creation of this website are all my own work with the following exceptions:

Provided considerable html and css help for the creation of this website.

CSS Gradient Background Maker

Provided the tool used to create the gradient backgrounds used on all of the pages.

LunaPic Online Photo Editor

Provided a tool to make the corners of the bubble graphics transparent, and the tool used to tint the bubbles purple. (Green was their original color.)

I do have some experience with PHP, as indicated by my resume, but between the fact that this website was not my principle focus and the fact that I did not want to use my time debugging PHP code, however simple, I decide to stick to html and CSS only. Due to the simplistic nature of the site, my only regret in this regard is the some copy and paste could have been avoided via the "require" function in PHP.