Welcome to Michael Klosiewski's CSCI460 project!

Hello and welcome to my project website! Feel free to look around.
Some information about each section can be found below.

Blog: This part of the site contains a weblog discussing the project's development.

About Me: Here you can learn about what got me into computer science, and about my philosophy on computer science as a discipline.

Resume: No surprises here. This page contains an html version of my resume for quick reference as well as a download link for my resume as a 97-2003 compatible word document.

Contributors: Giving credit to people that helped me along the way.

Code: Download links to the source code.


Develop an application that represents complex data sets in visual and understandable ways.


Word Counter

Determines the top X number of words in a data file. Will later be expanded to work with many files at once.

Sentence Gatherer

Records all sentences that the top X words occurred in in a way that enables quick access. Currently under construction.

Visual Representation

Uses the previous two parts to give a user easy access to the data in a way that is both powerful and pleasing to the eye.

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