Welcome to Michael Klosiewski's CSCI460 project!

Dr. David Pankratz

Chose the project.
Gave me ideas and helped me refine my own.
Looked at my design and helped get me started on trying to code it.
Suggested key design changes such as breaking the reading process into parts.

Frederick Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month

Provided direction and inspiration.

Dr. Bonnie McVey

Pointed me to resources that I could use for flash, inspiring my first major design plan.
Lent me a flash book.
Discussed appropriate data structures for use when working on the data.

CSCI 220: Data Structures and Algorithms

Taught me all I needed to know about the hash table I was trying to use and how to make it do what I wanted it to.

Inspired me to try new things.

Adam Drozdek, Data Structures And Algorithms in C++

Provided useful information about hash functions.

Daniel Berchmans, Eric Sallmann, Hussam AlMoharb, Joe Stawicki, Mary Spies, Matt Johnston and Matteo Toffolon

Were a lovely and interesting bunch of people to work alongside.

Web Resources:

Purdue OWL: Parts of Speech Overview







Adjective Intensifiers | Grammar Teacher


Category:English intensifiers - Wiktionary


Most common words in English - Wikipedia


cplusplus.com - -858993460 why?


Explained strange output in testing.
cplusplus.com in general also provided information on string functions, stringstream, stream offsets and other various helpful C++ information.

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