St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2018
  The Projects  

Logan Balow
CS Lab Cam 6:00pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097

The main goal of this capstone project is to create and implement a camera based system that monitors the usage of the Computer Science Lab. This application uses a facial detection algorithm to detect if a face is within a frame. I use this data to record the number of people coming into the CS lab. I also record short snippets of video when a face and motion has been detected in the stream.

Zach Berres
Where Are You 6:30pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097
We live in an era where people are constantly moving from place to place, and it can be hard to keep track of those near and dear to us. This mobile application solves that issue and allows users to track the location of their friends and family, displaying their location on a map. Additionally, all users have the ability to go incognito and hide their location from being shown, should they need to embark on any top-secret missions.

Mack Dedmon
CS Kiosk 7:00pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097
The Computer Science Kiosk is an Android application designed to introduce and inform newcomers to the Computer Science discipline at SNC. It provides the user with quizzes, video demonstrations and general information regarding the major. Each section is designed with the intention of making the major seem attractive with information, visually appealing design, and tangible, interactive activities.

Bill Gallagher
Senior Phonebook 8:00pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097
As people age, we begin to lose full functionality of our body. Very common losses are the deterioration of one's eye sight, or full control of more delicate muscle uses (such as the hands). In more unfortunate cases people even experience memory issues. The idea of these two applications is to work together to transmit some of the simple functions of a smartphone to some connected windows device. This could be a laptop, or more preferably a tablet. Something large that is easy to use and see. The application uses a personalized phone book specific to the user that allows them easy access to a few important family members, friends, etc. The user should be able to get the full use of their mobile device, without the struggles the smaller devices bring to senior users.

Josh Joncas
Photo Album Generator 8:30pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097
Have you ever captured more photos than were actually necessary? This happens very frequently, and can use much more storage space and take much longer to sort through than necessary. This project provides a “memories” application that can sort through all of these images and try to figure out which ones might be the most relevant or might be the most desired out of all of them. Additionally, users can view and select settings of image data associated with those images.

Renae Metke
Sensing Stress 9:00pm, Wednesday April 25, GMS 1097
Feeling overwhelmed and stressed, as the semester ends? You are not alone. Reportedly 62% of students are academically impacted by stress, anxiety or depression. When under stress, your body's "fight or flight" response is triggered, which increases your heart's beats per minute. Taking this research, I have created an app that monitors your heartrate and notifies you when it is becoming too high and may be due to stress. Other features of the app include, heartrate mapping, a soothing music player, and guided breathing exercises.

Victor Garcia
Circuit Builder 8:30am Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
The Visual Circuit Builder is a tool that provides a visual editor allowing users to build logic circuits of their choice they also have the means of following the logic of the circuit they build as they build it. They can also build circuits upon each other to create larger circuits, and toggle the inputs changing the state of the circuit instantaneously.

Donny Bouressa
Hidden Images 9:00am, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097

Sam Joski
Computer Controlled Railroad 6:00pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
Model railroads are a hobby of many, but what about a computer controlled railroad? The short answer: you bet. There are many aspects of a railroad to consider: the trains, their speeds and directions, evaluating safe and unsafe conditions - the list goes on and on. While CCRs can be as complex as simulating momentum, automating optimal routes, and self-recovery from deadlock, this project aims at three central problems in computer controlled railroads that must first be solved: how to manage track resources, how to prevent a disaster, and how to allow humans to interact with the track.

Jim Rogers
Illustrating Text by Tag Clouds 6:30pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
Today social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have users that write billions of words a day to their online services. To read through all of the data would take lifetimes. My project takes data from similar online web sources and arranges their words in tag clouds that describe their frequency, sensing trends among 300 different words while also keeping whitespace down to a minimum.

Bert Bengtson
Shape Maker 7:00pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
Most shape detecting algorithms solutions have problems such as relying exclusively on Machine learning or only being able to check when the user is done drawing. This project strives to make a more efficient and accurate shape recognition algorithm that guesses while the user is drawing, and also allows them to draw the shapes to their liking in regards to size and starting point, allowing more intuitive and interactive shape recognition for the user. This shape detection algorithm shows the problems with making generalized shape detection algorithms as there are tradeoffs depending on shapes to detect and how fast to detect them.

Jade Heliin
Paint By Number 8:00pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
Some are blessed with artistic abilities, but if you are like me, you need all the help you can get to even color inside the lines. Paint by Number is a desktop application that creates an image with regions outlined with specific colors to be painted in the image. The user can select any of their own images, choose a complexity from beginner to advanced, and paint the image by selecting colors and clicking on the appropriate region. When their paint by number is completed, they have the option to save their creation.

Chance Browning
Speech to Music 8:30pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
Being a good singer takes talent, talent that most do not possess. With Speech to Music, even the worst of singers can sound like their favorite artist. Speech to Music is an application that attempts to alter the frequency of a voice to match the frequency of a song or music file. This application transforms the byte data from a wav file into numeric values to resemble the frequency of a voice and of a song. This project will highlight the rigorous math behind pitch shifting and the difficulties of accessing data from a wav file.

Anastasia Montavon
Augmented Reality Tour 9:00pm, Thursday April 26, GMS 1097
St. Norbert may be a small school, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t daunting to try to find your way around the first time you visit. Whether it’s through a bird’s eye view of campus or by simply pointing your phone at a building, this application will help you find your way around campus.