St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2019
  The Projects  

Chris Chigi
PhotoSynthesis 8:30am, Tuesday, April 23, GMS 1097

PhotoSynthesis is an Android application which allows users to draw on and edit photos that they have taken. Don't have a photo to edit? No problem. Users are able to choose to draw on a blank canvas, a pre-loaded image, or even take a new photo from the app. When the user is done editing their photo, they can save it to their gallery.

Mike Schirger
Convex Hulls and GPS-based Applications 8:55am, Tuesday, April 23, GMS 1097
A convex hull in terms of GPS coordinates is the smallest convex polygon that contains all the points. Any line that can be drawn between two points must remain within the convex hull. In this application GPS coordinates are tracked in the background on a phone creating a set of GPS locations. The locations can then be displayed on a map and the corresponding convex hull will be constructed. The Android mobile app is also capable of finding the intersection (common area) and union (combining sets of points) of any number of convex hulls. Applications for convex hulls using GPS based coordinates is determining the specific area affected by an outbreak of a disease, creating a perimeter for chemical or nuclear leaks and many others.

Wyatt Verheyen
Path Planning around Obstacles with Genetic Algorithms 9:20am, Tuesday, April 23, GMS 1097
This project is an attempt to find a solution through a two-dimensional labyrinth of obstacles which can be described as polygons. The optimal solution can be found through extensive computation, however through utilizing a genetic algorithm it is possible to find an acceptable or “close enough” solution. A genetic algorithm uses the concept of natural selection to narrow down a list of possible solutions, and over generations evolve a closer and closer solution, combining or mutating good solutions for future generations. With a smaller number of solutions that are checked quickly and narrowed down, it is possible to drastically cut down on computation time that it takes to find a working solution.

Camille Jacobson
Dance Like Me 6:00pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
Learning how to dance is already a daunting task as a human, but what if you wanted your computer to learn as well? Dance Like Me makes the process simple. With the use of a Microsoft Kinect, you can teach your computer new dance moves. These funky moves will then be used for the computer to construct its own routines, both by itself and with a partner. Now all you have to worry about is making sure the computer doesn’t learn from your two left feet!

Taylor Splan
Music by Location 6:25pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
If you are like me, you may enjoy walking or driving around aimlessly with no destination in mind. Those are the kind of walks or drives that are made much better by music because you are able to get lost in the sounds. Choosing your favorite places and associating those with music you enjoy is exactly what my project aims to do. My application will track your location and as you visit pins music will start to play. As you get closer to the pin the volume will increase to indicate how close you are to the pin! Music by location encourages everyone to go out to explore the area while listening to tunes you enjoy!

Austin Hess
Movie Recommendations 6:50pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
In an age where the vast number of choices available to consumers can actually hinder decision-making, my application utilizes user feedback on movies to recommend new movies to them. The user interface takes the form of a web application while the item-based collaborative filtering process is carried out by a separate server, invoked by the client as a REST API.

Joseph Mohr
Recognizing Lost Dogs 7:15pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
Lost dogs don't have to stay lost forever. DoggoRe is an Android application that helps recognize lost dogs with the help of a convolutional neural network, using transfer learning with Inception-V3. It stores missing and found dogs in a database and uses that to display similar dogs to a user who lost a dog or found a missing dog.

Justin Conley
Keep Mowing a Lawn 7:50pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
This game is meant to teach those unfamiliar with zero turn lawn mowers how to operate them. Some people have a fear of zero turn lawn mowers because they believe they are either dangerous or hard to operate. Having personal experience driving one, I felt that a combination of realism and enjoyable mechanics would remove such fears.

Hanna Strohm
Recognizing Text in Images 8:15pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
The purpose of this project was to create an application that is able to analyze an image and display the text within the image. For example, it can find the text on a street sign or license plate and display it as editable text, or it could read a screenshot that you would like to edit. This application transforms any image into a format that is more easily read by the computer, which then looks for and displays the characters found in the image.

Emily Simon
Creating and Building Jigsaw Puzzles 8:40pm, Wednesday, April 24, GMS 1097
Relax and relieve some stress with this puzzle app that feels like doing a real jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle Master is a web app where you can complete a puzzle generated according to your specifications, with customization options including adding your own photo, selecting the number of pieces, and choosing whether pieces can rotate. Make it as simple (or challenging) as you'd like with the use of helpful features such as showing only edge pieces, snapping correct pieces into place, showing the puzzle image as a backdrop, or even pressing the hint button once in a while.

Ben Engelstad
Moth-Man: A Map Maze Game 8:30am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
Everybody loves the timeless classic Pac-Man, now get ready for Moth-Man. This app is a game inspired by Pac-Man which allows you to play on the streets of a location of your choosing! Play on the grid of downtown Chicago or the streets of your hometown, the possibilities are endless.

Nathan Labott
SNC Lab Bot 8:55am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
The Lab Bot is similar to that of a car, with an interactive UI allowing user to drive the bot and get valuable information real time. It utilizes various modules and on board memory to decide what to do when a user presses a button, and also uses self-preservation protocols to eliminate user error.

Brian Kennelly
Steganography 9:20am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
Sending secret messages is something that humans have done for a long time. Whatever the reason, concealment and protection of information have always been important. This application focuses on hiding images within other images. Users can choose between more or less secure encoding with some image size requirement tradeoffs. When another user receives the encoded picture they can reverse the process to reveal the secret message. Additionally it has functionality to zoom in on images for closer inspection of changes.

Logan Lamers
Picture Mosaics 10:00am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
The application is meant to create a picture mosaic, where it takes a bunch of smaller images to create a larger image of the users choice. This is done using a genetic algorithm which shuffles images to look like the image the user uploaded, like smaller dog photos to look like the uploaded dog photo.

Brett Milinski
Sliding Block Puzzle 10:25am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
Do you love solving puzzles? If so, Sliding Block Puzzle is the app for you! This android app provides various puzzles to put your brain to the test. Complete the puzzles casually or challenge your friends and claim bragging rights!

Josh Leach
Karaoke 10:50am, Thursday, April 25, GMS 1097
Have you ever wanted to sing along to one of your favorite songs, but can't quite get the beat down to follow a lyric video? Do you ever feel like singing, but don't want to go out for Karaoke? This project allows you to create your own Karaoke visualization for any song given the lyrics and the song MP3 or WAV file.

John McGorey
Off the Rails 8:30am, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
In the past, students have done projects centering around a computer-controlled model railroad table. The task of this project is to provide a simulator that will replace this model railroad table so that students do not have to worry about hardware malfunctions or damaging the trains. Additionally, this simulator provides an interface layer so that it can be developed on top of by future students.

Emma Alberts
Illustrating Text with Tag Clouds 8:55am, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
In a world with too much data and too little time, visual representations of data, like tag clouds, have become increasingly important. A tag cloud uses colors and font size to illustrate the most frequent words in a news article, speech, movie script, or any other types of text. This program is dynamic enough that it can consume pre-processed data from any text source and display it in a tag cloud.

Bryan Nolan
Senior Phonebook 9:20am, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
With old age comes new problems. We begin to lose the dexterity we once had with our youth. With my application the stress of using a small mobile device to make and receive phone calls is taken away with a larger surface that is much easier to use. This application uses a personalized phonebook on a laptop or surface device allowing someone with dexterity issues to easily make and receive phone calls to important family members, friends, and loved ones. The application allows for this by simply using a Bluetooth stream to redirect phone calls and audio to and from your mobile form and a larger surface like a laptop.

Maggie Krummel
Choreographing Events 10:00am, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Have you ever attended the Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination in Tokyo or seen the Bellagio Fountain Show in Las Vegas? Would you like to configure your own lighting display to a song? Well look no further for the goal of this application is to create an easy way for users to do just that with minimal effort.

Josh Lamack
Mobile Trivia Application 10:25am, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Players compete against each other through an online mobile application to expand upon previous knowledge and to play against friends.. They can create their own questions and modify existing ones to better fit the game they would like to play as well as a variety of other options provided.

Jared Wiesman
Visual Circuit Builder 12:00 noon, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Visual Circuit Builder is an educational tool used to graphically represent the logic behind truth tables. Users of this application can make their own logic circuits from scratch or build off of pre-made circuits from a file. Inputs of a circuit can be easily changed and the output is updated instantly.

Trever Schaut
Positioning Security Cameras 12:25pm, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Security is a top concern of many and what better way to feel secure than to have cameras watching everything one cannot. With this application the user will be able to draw the layout of a building and place cameras within, discovering what they can see and where the blind spots are. Real time camera movement and updates make the process of feeling safe a breeze.

Sam Neville
Word Search 12:50pm, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Often times, after opening and scrolling through all of your social applications, you realize you have wasted hours upon hours of your life. That dry and useless content can only last you so long before you lose your mind. In order to curb your impending insanity you need to do something new. Playing this dynamic and responsive word search game will breathe a new breath of life into you while at the same time stimulating your brain. Word searches allow you to crush your free time and make you feel, at least somewhat, accomplished!

Alyssa Khor
Positive Notifications 1:15pm, Saturday, April 27, GMS 1097
Encouraging and uplifting words are underrated. We need to hear them more often! But we cannot always rely on others to constantly build us up, especially at random times in the day. This mobile app is designed to send uplifting/motivational notifications to the user throughout the day to give them encouragement.