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A Bit About Me

I'm Joseph Mohr, a senior CS & Math double major at St. Norbert College. I'm looking to go to graduate school this fall for computer science (specifically machine learning). I also enjoy learning French, although it's definitely not a strong-point.

I also enjoy (spit-out for now, will format later (totally)): soccer, probably other stuff too, biking, running, and traveling which I should totally do more.

CS Philosophy

Computer science has provided me with a fun mental challenge throughout my time here. That’s a big part of what has made me love it so much. My main interest in computer science right now is machine learning as it can be applied to solve many different problems. It is an area of computer science that can do some serious good in the world and improve various aspects of life, like better traffic flow. I’m not entirely sure where my desire to major in computer science came from, but I’d guess it’s probably because I had been around computers since I was pretty young. I always enjoyed the logic of math and that transferred over to computer science in college. Once I stumbled upon machine learning (don’t even remember how anymore), I grew to love it. It’s a whole new challenge that brings mathematics into the play as well and it can be applied to all sorts of fields and problems. I want to continue to challenge myself and help others with what I end up doing in the realm of machine learning.

Career Plans (5/6/2019)

Next semester I will be attending UW-Madison for a graduate degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Machine Learning. After that I will be looking for a job in that area of computer science.