Recognizing Lost Doggies

There seems to always be a posting on telephone poles or on local radio for a lost dog. Descriptions are so vague that they aren’t much help in identifying your best friend. Local shelters and humane societies might benefit with a web site where they could post pictures of these dogs. At least the owner would have a means to look for roving Rover. Ah! There could be an app for that! The owner could scan in a picture and the app would search the web site for a match. Or, you could post your lost dog’s picture, and when someone finds your dog and runs the app, there will be a match.

Brief Project Description:

Build system that assists in visually recognizing lost dogs.

General Requirements:

  1. Select a platform or platforms.
  2. Decide on other possible attributes that identifies a dog.
  3. Find a good detection algorithm or build your own.
  4. The app might narrow the possibilities rather than looking for an exact match.
  5. Could the owner be notified WHEN a match is found?
  6. Decide how/when pictures are removed from the site.
  7. Perhaps Fur Alerts (like Amber/Silver Alerts) are generated.