Lost dogs don't have to stay lost forever. DoggoRe is an Android application that helps recognize lost dogs with the help of a convolutional neural network, using transfer learning with Inception-V3. It stores missing and found dogs in a database and uses that to display similar dogs to a user who lost a dog or found a missing dog.

DoggoRe uses a convolutional neural network trained in Python using Keras with a TensorFlow backend. TensorFlow Lite is used to use the CNN on the app. The app also uses OkHTTP to call PHP scripts on a server which access a MySQL database. This database holds the information of missing and lost dogs.

Data Flow

Activity Flow

Projected Timeline

2/17 - Pull data from server & popular scrolling lists in Android app

2/24 - Be able to click on an item from those lists to bring up a new activity

2/24 - Have first neural net trained/ in the process of training

3/3 - Have first neural net working in app

3/17 - Inferences can be made using NN (includes getting photos from phone, although could be pushed back and use project assets instead)

3/31 - Next version of NN in app - more intricate analysis

4/7 - Emails sent out accordingly; app looks cleaner

4/14 - Notification when new missing dog is added

4/21 - Last NN; other measures to narrow it down possible (maybe even a second neural net or a compilation with other ML algorithms)

Likely/ Possible Delays

Gantt Chart

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