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Programmer: Annicka Rabida

What is CS460?

CSCI 460 is the senior capstone course required at St. Norbert College for all computer science majors to take before they graduate. Because I, Annicka Rabida, plan to graduate this spring, I am enrolled in this course. Find more about me with the button below!

One Final Progress Post

Since my last blog post I am happy to say that after sitting down with both Dr. McVey and Dr. Pankratz, we were able to figure out the bitmap issue

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More Progress, More Roadblocks

I’ve been working so hard on my application with Dr. McVey that I completely forgot to update my blog! Good news: even more progress has been

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Finally: Progress !!

I am finally able to post this: I am making real progress! Since my last post I have been able to make immense progress on my mobile application,

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Starting Over?

So I’m half sad, half happy that I switched my project from React Native to Android Studio as of last Friday. After lots of digging online, it

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