About me

My name is Michael Stanaszak. I am a senior finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Saint Norbert College. I play on the Men's tennis team here and have played all four years attending (when possible). After graduation in May, I plan to move back to Milwaukee and work for Northwestern Mutual as a Associate Software Engineer.

Philosophy Statement

For why I found and continued in the field of Computer Science, it stems from the satisfaction you get from working in this field. Finishing a project, whether it be personal, for work, or for school, it is just the most satisfying feeling. Due to this, I often want to learn more to be able to complete new types of projects. I find myself wanting to learn more, often laying restless in bed thinking of how I want to design a project. Once given something, I often don't stop thinking about it till I have a complete gameplan or it's complete. It's this obsessive behavior that allows me to gain that burning desire to learn more, through class or simply doing my own investigating.

Resume - Last Updated: May 2022