Feedback by Location

Michael Stanaszak

What is the goal?

  • 1. To complete a directional routing system to allow users to be guided to different areas based on current to desired location
  • 2. Implement Bluetooth Beacons to do this, allowing out of the box functionality when they are entered into the database

General Requirements

  • 1. Identify whether the feedback is with the user or with the location.
  • 2. Determine a users proximity to the locations.
  • 3. Address the scale of the physical area in question.
  • 4. Make appropriate feedback available at each location.
  • 5. Consider intersection of locations as well as multiple users per location.
  • 6. Position markers that are used to map the building and guide users.
  • 7. Consider using an application to map routes within the building.
  • 8. Choose an appropriate path from the users current location to a desired location (and adjusting path if user leaves the suggested path).
  • 9. Augment the users view to indicate direction to take.
  • 10. The application should check for updates when started so that additional locations and feedback can be added without reinstalling the app.