Welcome to the CS 460 Pages!

Welcome to my webpages. Here you can find all things related to the research and development of my CS 460 project. If you are following my development log, or watching for the latest advancements in the program, check back here often, as this site may be updated daily....

UPDATE: May 5 2002

Website is now updated to the final version with all documentation included.  Image Editor is included with a package containing all source files, the .exe file, and a user manual.  WinZip or PowerZip is needed to extract the files....

Materials on this site...

Development Log
A day-by-day record of progress made and thoughts about the project. Sometimes updated daily...

Source Code
View all source files for the CS 460 Image Editor

Documentation for all classes used in the CS 460 Image Editor

 User Manual
\Instructions for using the CS 460 Image Editor

Image Editor Package
Download source code, documentation, a User Manual, and the .exe (requires WinZip or equivalent)

  Project Defense Outline
See a quick synopsis of my project presentation

Philosophy of Computer Science
My views on how I fit into the Computer Science community...

Career Path Plan
A synopsis of my current plans for my IT career, and how I came to those conclusions

My resume.

A collection of links to resources I have used this semester.