St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2009
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Ryan McLaughlin
Tutor Database System 1:00pm, Thursday, April 30
JMS 004

My capstone project deals with the Tutor Database System used by the Office of Academic Support Services at St. Norbert College. Administrators use a Visual Basic program to access the database to view/update a tutor's information and assign students who need tutoring to a tutor that matches their criteria - class, professor, and availability. Tutors utilize a website to access the database in order to view/update their information such as their schedule, current student connections, and the courses they can tutor. I have implemented new features to this system and created new user interfaces.

Van Le
Facilities Energy Management System 1:35pm, Thursday, April 30
JMS 004
The goal of this project is to convert the old Utilities Bill Management System that was written in VB6 to a new system in C# that will run on the .NET framework. The main objectives are to analyze the methods that can be used to convert a system, to finish converting the system that will be used by the SNC Facilities Office, to enhance the system, and to update its documentation.

Francis Beaumier
iPod Accelerometers 2:10pm, Thursday, April 30
JMS 004
The iPhone and the iPod Touch are the current hot Apple products. I decided to get my hands on one of them and try to program it. One of the unique sources of input in the iPod Touch is the 3-axis set of accelerometers, which measure accelerations in 3 directions. What do different movements look like to the iPod Touch's accelerometer? This project attempts to understand that and detect when you are doing movements such as walking.

Ryan Kroening
Baseball League Simulator 5:30pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
Are athletes really worth as much as they are paid? How valuable is winning to a sports team? Is some fat left fielder from AAA the key to a teamís next World Series run? My project merges the worlds of computer science and sports economics via a baseball league simulator. Think of it as one-player fantasy baseball for the economic mind. The simulator allows a user to manage a baseball team through multiple seasons of play against computer opponents that behave in certain, yet random ways. By altering league rules, computer team behaviors, and oneís own team, the user will be able to run numerous simulations and test what exactly matters in building a championship baseball franchise.

Drew Nackers
Campus Tour Guide 6:05pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
The virtual campus tour system is designed to allow a visitor to wonder freely about the campus while pointing out various buildings of interest along the way. The program takes the visitorís current GPS location and compares it to various points of interest on campus to determine the current location. As you approach a point of interest, an appropriate dialog appears with various types of media that gives the visitor more information about a certain point.

Steve VandenBush
Computer Controlled Railroad 6:40pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
The goal of this project is to design a program that gives the user full control of every object on the track, including switches and trains using wireless remote control, while providing near real time track and train status.

Casey Bailey
Alumni Tracking 7:15pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
The Alumni Tracking system is a system that is designed to allow everyone to see the success of the St. Norbert College Computer Science Graduates. This site is available to incoming freshmen looking for a school to attend, all current students looking to pick or change a major, and also to all past and present SNC Computer Science students looking for help in finding a job or internship.

Brandon Gigot
Web Surveillance Camera 7:50pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
Ever dream of keeping an eye on your house from work without paying for an expensive security camera? Using a wireless web camera and two servo motors, you can set up a remote connection that streams video, audio, and allows you to move your camera in increments as small as one degree at a time. By panning left and right and tilting up and down, this project is ideal for tapping into the spy within.

Ryan Pavlik
Multi-touch Interaction and Navigation 8:25pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
Multi-touch technology allows users of computer devices to interact directly with software by touching a screen with one or more fingers. Recently the Apple iPhone and the Microsoft Surface table have brought specific multi-touch applications to commercial release, but much room for interaction research remains. Software providing an improvement to multi-purpose computer workstation interaction was developed, along with the hardware to support the multi-touch display and input required by the application. The interface presents a "navigation display" to allow users to easily cluster windows into groups as desired and then manipulate them collectively.

John Rappel
Bright Robots 9:00pm, Thursday, April 30
Cofrin 208
My project proposal asked me to develop an application that involved the interaction of two iRobot Creates controlled by the Command Module. It allows the user to upload code to a microprocessor to control the Create. I decided the goal of the project would be to have one robot fitted with a series of light sensors and another robot fitted with a light beacon. The first robot would attempt to find the second robot with help only from the light sensors.