Goal: Teach the KTX humaniod to mimic your movements


Project Scope


The end result of my project will hopefully be a dancing robot that will take his cues from me. This entails using the camera on the KXT to detect the motion of the subject he is watching and interpretation of that motion. Once interpreted, he will demonstrate what he saw by repeating the same action. Keeping track of all his learning, KXT will play back everything he saw resulting in a dancing KTX.


General Requirements


1. Develop a calibration mode.

2. Develop a teaching or learning mode. Ideally, KTX is self-learning.

3. The robot should get better at recognizing actions over time.

4. Use the camera built into the KTX.

5. Build a “visual vocabulary” storing learned actions.

6. Distinguish between new actions and existing actions that are difficult to detect.

7. Store a sequence of actions for playback (e.g. teach KTX to dance like you)