The VR experience so far has been a harsh reality. From firewalls to outdated sources, it has been a rough start. Luckily, the power of experience has come to save me. I have gotten a wide variety of assistance from SNC alumni, current students, and wonderful professors who have provided me with plenty of therapy throughout the ordeal. Aside from the struggles, I have had an absolute blast playing around in VR. My girlfriend, Szidonia, makes sure to prevent me from walking into walls when I’m goofing around with the equipment, so that has been a definite upside. After I figure out how to send packages of project builds to the VR hardware, the first big step will be to actually hold a pool cue. To do that, I figure I will need to model a basic pole and then figure out how to pick up objects in 3D space, I’ll let ya know how that works out in my next post. See yall on the flipside!


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