“As the child delights in his mud pie, so the adult enjoys building things, especially of his own design.”

Frederick P. Brooks, JR. in The Mythical Man-Month

This week I have been looking at different documentation for VR in unreal engine. Between Google, youtube, and a big old book called Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Reality Projects, I have sponged up a lot of tips, tricks, and magic that I can pull out of the top of my head for when I actually start using the software. I have not made as much progress this week as I had hoped, this is due to the following:

  • Szidonia’s Birthday was 2/10/22 and today is Valentine’s day, so this weekend was a mash up of both, requiring my full attention in order to continue living. (JK it’s because I wanted to do something nice for her)
  • I needed some extra time to catch up on the Numerical Lab I missed last week.
  • I am trying to balence work, school, and club meetings and so far failing.

Because of this, I was unable to find a nice 1-2 hour chunk of time where I could work with the software. However, I was able to read a lot so I still consider that to be pseudo-progress. I already have some times set aside for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday where I will be working on making Billiards come to life.

Goals For Next week:

I really want to dive into Unreal and start making things click together. The first step will be making a pool stick that I can swish around (may add lightsaber effects for fun if I have time). I can make a pretty good model in Unreal using blueprints and shapes, but this begs the big question:

How do I incorperate C++ with my project blueprints?

Seriously how?

I have very brief experience with C++ and unreal as the lab I did with Giesler was not exactly in-depth. Two solutions came to mind:

  • Just look it up…

I did find a good video on it. The problem is that I have not tried it myself, and that’s where the demons hide

  • Ask someone about it…

A great idea! I should probably schedule something soon, but I should try it on my machine first before I claim defeat.


I’ve been considering vlogging/streaming my coding sessions as another form of documenting the process. I thought it would be fun, plus if anyone stops by maybe they can help me debug.

Till next time, have a good week. Happy Valentines Day!


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