Hey hey, people, apologies for the delay in posting. I’m sure everyone is getting caught up in their own activities and such, but I have been simply swamped. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes:

Ya boy is restarting the project with unity. This was not an easy choice, but getting UE4 VR to work with c++ projects was starting to feel like I was playing Jenga with a house of cards. No matter what I would touch, everything would crash, burn, and fail to export. What this means is that I have like 5 weeks to make this happen, spooky but what are ya gonna do about it.

Now the good news: Unity is awesome. It took like 2 hours to set up VR projects, literally 10 times faster than how long it took me to figure out how UE4 VR works. Additionally, I have a ton of resources available to me now from previous seniors and classmates who have worked with unity before! And the best part: my compile times are 30 seconds faster!

Additional news: So far I have written scripts that grant my hands proper collision. Funny thing though, my hands could collide with one another, but they didn’t return back to where my controllers were once they were done colliding. It was funny trying to push my own hands 50 feet in the air, but I did find a fix. The pool cue snaps back to the hand model if the distance between the two objects is ever > 0.

Welp, that’s all for this time, next time I hope to have a pool table and some balls to knock around. Yeehaw.


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