There goes my sanity.

After 5 weeks of absolutely no progress, 20 hours of export errors, and several nights of uninstalling and reinstalling android studio, it happened. Ladies and gentlemen, we did it. I am now officially using unreal engine 4 to program in VR. I wondered why it was so difficult to get the software to function at all. This process was a miserable experience, but the frustration I felt was almost…tactical… so I did some digging and found the next big conspiracy.

This is Tim Sweeney, the CEO and Founder of Epic Games:

Credit: Getty Images/Rachel Luna

At first glance, one might see a well-accomplished Video game programmer and developer, businessman, and winner of several awards such as AIAS Hall of Fame Award (2012) and GDC Lifetime Achievement Award (2017), but after some extensive research, I have made a shocking discovery.

While checking in on my two major trustworthy sources of evidence ( and, I found this picture:

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, and Kim Libreri, CTO and CEO of Reality

Here we see Tim Sweeney with the CTO Kim Libreri. You’re trying to tell me that Epic games are getting away with being run by 2 guys named Tim and Kim? Two game developers should not get away with pulling a Luigi/Waluigi maneuver. What the big media companies don’t what you to know is that Kim Libreri is also known as Mr. Reality, the CEO of Reality, a mega-corporation responsible for making everything real (not to be confused with God). When I saw Kim in here, I knew he had something to do with what makes VR so difficult to set up through unreal engine, so I did some more digging. What I found was groundbreaking:

“Kim Libreri” attending a Virtual Reality Hate Clubâ„¢ meeting.

Above is an undoctored photo of Kim Libreri attending a group function for people who hate virtuality, but if you look closely you can see he is wearing a presidential nametag.

Putting all the pieces together, “Kim Libreri” can be rearranged as Milkier Bri which rhymes with Reality who is also the president of a VR hate club has been making the process of getting VR to work such a nightmare that no one makes anything VR. (Just kidding, almost everything I have said is lies. Tim and Kim are very talented individuals)


I have made a pool table, pool stick, and a pool ball and am able to pick things up and throw them around. I needed to vent about how long it took, hence the fanfiction and libel above.

Next up: Gonna make it so the pool balls don’t launch into orbit. See you next time!


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