My boss(me) is completely oblivious. He holds me to impossible deadlines and wonders why nothing ever gets done on time. Like, he is completely inexperienced, just look at this PERT chart he made me:

What a pain…hehe. So I made a PERT chart today and it honestly, felt great to write my thoughts down. I have a page dedicated to the chart with explanations as to what everything means, feel free to look it over. This project is feeling more and more real every day, and having this plan in front of me makes me feel more certain that I really can do this. It’s tough holding myself to standards that I myself set, but if click my heels together three times and forget as hard as I can, maybe I can pretend that someone else is holding me to these standards so I can pressure myself to meet the goals.

In my next post I’ll I will have a cue stick modeled and hopefully, I can post a video of me knocking a cue ball around. Until then, party on.


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